Mandorla Community

Any individual who is interested in being a part of our community can sign up on our site. This is no cost or fee associated with 'Joining the Mandorla Community'. Once you have 'joined', as a member of our community you will receive benefits similar to the ones described the list below:

  • Receive our E-Newsletter

  • Attend the annual Community DO meetings

  • Enroll in any of our FREE meditation groups.

  • Join the conversations and meet other members of our community on our online Community Discussion Board.

  • Gain unlimited access to recorded/archived meditations at your convenience.

  • Be the first to know about any new Mandorla projects and offerings.

  • Experience reflections created around all Films.

  • Access our Prescribing Mindfulness bundle series.

  • Be on the look out for discounts/special offers on any of our priced special events.

  • + more to come

*The Mandorla Community is a free membership available to anyone who sign-up on our site. Some of our sessions and programs are free to register or enroll in. Some offerings like our signature series events may may require a payment at registration. Any priced sessions or event will be stated on any pages or in sections related to that specific event.
*The above list is a general description of the benefits available to to members. Benefits are subject to change due to availability of content and services, or at the discretion of the Mandorla Board and Leadership.